Vancouver Convention Centre West

Project Type
Lehigh Cement
Ocean Concrete

Vancouver BC

Date Completed
January 2009


Size: 310,500 square feet

Concrete Volume: 14,000 cubic meters

Specialty Concrete Products: High-Flow®, CrackGuard®, Hard-Wear®



With the expansion of the West building, the Vancouver Convention Centre is now one of the largest structures in Canada. It is also widely recognized as one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly convention centres in the world. It extends four city blocks with a footprint of 1.1 million square feet. The facility has many sustainable features including a sea water heating and cooling system, a six-acre green roof and an on-site waste water treatment facility that has reduced potable water use by 72.6%.


  • Provide a highly durable concrete designed to withstand surrounding natural elements (salt water), topography (inlets) while satisfying the design life of the structure
  • Provide a non-cracking concrete to accentuate a key interior architectural design element
  • Provide sustainable building materials to enable LEED Platinum Certification
  • Manage the supply, logistics, and schedule of a large-scale, complex pour


  • To withstand the salt water and harsh topographical challenges, Ocean Concrete used more than 10,000 m3 of high durability concrete containing both silica fume and corrosion inhibitor
  • To enhance the 30 foot tall architectural columns, Ocean Concrete’s High-Flow® was used
  • In the 300 foot by 735 foot main exhibition hall slab, more than 4000 m3 of Ocean’s CrackGuard® and Hard-Wear® was used to reduce cracking and improve abrasion resistance


  • Exhibition Hall slab exceeded architectural expectations for surface appearance and reduced cracking
  • First convention centre to achieve LEED Platinum certification. The concrete supplied on this project had an overall post-industrial recycled content of 64% as per LEED NCv1.0
  • A restored marine habitat was built into the foundation of the building
  • Ocean Concrete maintained deliveries on time and within specification